Note Effective Immediately, we will not allow non-paying members to have access to the facility. You will be required to sign up on-line and have one of the three memberships listed below to use the facility in any capacity.

Membership Tiers

Premier Membership

The cost is $650 per player for a year. This allows a player to use the facility during open slots on their own. They will have access to schedule batting and pitching times to work on their own with their guardian or coach. This membership also includes a “Team Only Membership” (if they are on one of the six teams’ using the facility) and a “Lessons only Membership” listed below. Additionally, this is the only membership where the facility has negotiated a lesson discount for the players. They will receive a 20% discount when purchasing lessons. The facility can only accept a limited number of premier members, so sign up today!

Team Membership

The cost is $400 per player for a year. The team must have at least 10 players participating to qualify for a team membership. The facility will only accept six teams based on its current capacity. This membership guarantees the team two 1.5 hour practices a week for a year. However, one of the two practices has to be on a weekend. This membership also allows any of these players to get lessons in the facility without paying the $200 for 6 months. So the “Lessons only Membership” listed below is included in this membership.

Lessons Only Membership

The cost is $200 for 6 months. This allows the player to participate in group and individual lessons in the facility.

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Membership Benefit Breakdown

Services Available Lessons Only Membership Team Only Membership Premier Membership
Lessons yes yes yes
Two Weekly Team Practices no yes yes
20% Discount on Lessons no no yes
Access to Open Cage Time no no yes

Trainers on staff

  Jordan Lawson Teed Wertz Will Enrico
Credits Needed 6 8 6
Regular Price (Per Half Hour) $30 $40 $30
Premium Price $24 $32 $24
Catching no yes yes
Hitting yes yes yes
Infield no yes no
Outfield no yes no
Pitching yes no no